What happens if I sign up for a free session?

First, we agree upon a mutually convenient time to talk about why you would like to pursue coaching. Evening and lunch hours are available. You initiate the call. Dyan will ask you some questions and together you determine whether or not coaching is right for you. For more information, please call or email us.

What if I try to sample call and decide I am not ready for coaching right now?

There is no obligation, no hard sell, no pressure or sales pitch. We work with people who are enthusiastic about coaching.

Why is coaching usually done over the phone?

Coaching can take place over the phone or in person. However, most coaching takes place over the phone so you can be comfortable in your own home or office. Someplace you have quiet and privacy. Coaches are trained to listen so that coaching over the phone is every effective. It doesn’t matter where you live, A Career U Love coach can reach anywhere.

The 10 True Benefits of Having A Coach

  Your life becomes more simple – less distractions.
  You will have more options and see clearer choices.
  3.  You will lighten up and have more fun!
  4.  You will have more confidence in your abilities and skills.
  5.  You will experience more balance in your life.
  6.  Your communication will become focused and effective.
  7.  You will be richer in spirit for pursuing what you really want.
  8.  You will become more attractive – coaching is an internal makeover.
  9.  You will gain an increased level of awareness of yourself, your life.
10.  You will deepen your relationship with yourself.