How do I know if I could benefit from coaching?

You can benefit from a coach, if:
  ~ You have the desire to do more and be more
  ~ You know what you want but need help getting there
  ~ You are looking for effective ways to make your dreams a reality
  ~ You need motivation and accountability to truly accomplish your goals

What is the coaching process?

1.  First, you and your coach determine what goals you want to accomplish.
2.  Together, you develop a plan for how to realize those goals.
3.  On a regular basis, you talk with your coach about the steps you have taken/will soon be taking to implement your plan. If you become frustrated along the way, your coach is there to motivate you. If your plan needs revising, your coach helps you think through the changes to make. If you set objectives but then don’t fulfill them, your coach is there to keep you accountable and/or redirect you onto a new course to follow.

When your goals are achieved, your coach is there to celebrate your successes.

How is coaching different from other support I receive?

Coaching will help you to develop and implement life plans and skills and provide the motivation and support you need on your way to achieving your results. Coaching is not therapy. Those looking to reflect on the past or deal with a current personal crisis should seek help from a trained therapist. Unlike well meaning friends and significant others, coaches will always tell you the truth and work solely on YOUR goals and dreams.

Does coaching really work?

Yes!  Coaching has been a successful tool for millions of people around the world for many years and it’s growing in popularity. Coaching helps you meet your goals by:

  ~ Giving a you a clear plan for meeting your goals and getting results
  ~ Helping you develop new skills that will last a lifetime
  ~ Keeping you focused on what you want to accomplish
  ~ Providing motivation to keep you moving forward by leaps and bounds

Who hires a coach?

People who really want to live their best life hire coaches – people who realize that this is not a dress rehearsal, and want to make the most of their life and their career. The person who hires a coach is often already successful, but wants more. Coaching can help you find more success, joy, love, passion, money – and sometimes less stress, work, distractions, and obstacles.

How do I choose a coach?

Choosing a coach can feel like a daunting task. Because all the coaches of A Career U Love are certified and experienced, you can be sure you are hiring a top notch professional. But the best way for you to be sure is to have a conversation. A Career U Love offers a free session to that you can feel comfortable with your prospective coach.